Sonia M’Bongo

I am Afro-Caribbean. My mother is from Trinidad and Tobago, a Caribbean island and my father is Gabonese. And I was born in France. I am very proud of my roots.

I am lucky to have a multicultural heritage. But my story does not end there. Because I am inspired by the whole world to build myself. So I aspire to be a citizen of the world. To take advantage of each day to learn a little more about the other cultures and ethnicities of the world.

If you too your story goes well beyond the physical borders of a country … If you believe that your story is linked to that of all humanity …

…Then join me in discovering these differences that characterize us but which ultimately bring us even closer!

After all, maybe we are not as different as we think!

  • A quality to let shine: ‘positive vibes’. The glass is always half full. And I love to laugh!
  • A flaw to correct: Patience is a flower that I have trouble growing in my garden
  • A quote to remember: “Be yourself. Everyone else is taken” ~Oscar Wilde~
  • A book to share: ‘Becoming‘ by Michelle Obama
  • A cocktail to sip: Caïpirinha or maybe Piña Colada… I can’t seem to choose!