6 Most Impressive New Year’s Eve Firework Shows around the World

COVID-19 has disrupted our traditional firework celebrations that bring in the New Year in explosive lights and sounds. And then I think that if not this year… it’s just a matter of the blink an eye and we’ll be here again awaiting 2022 ! 😉 Hopefully with twice the effects to make up for this year!

So where can you see these impressive firework displays?

Burj Khalifa, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The city of spectacular! So it only makes sense that the firework takes place on the Burj Khalifa tower which is not only the tallest in the world, it also holds other records: the most floors, the highest floor occupied, the highest elevator in the world.

New Year’s 2021

Harbour Bridge, Sydney, Australia

As the first major city where the clock strikes 12, the famous spectacle is televised all over the world. The show takes place above the spikes of Sydney’s Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. And the cherry on the cake: grab a seat onboard one of the cruise ships bobbing on the water.

New Year’s 2021

River Thames, London, United Kingdom

Set over the river Thames with the iconic Big Ben and the London Eye in the background, London’s NYE celebrations have become so popular in recent years that the event has become ticketed to prevent overcrowding. Last year, the price was set at 10£!

New Year’s 2020

Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janiero, Brazil

New Year’s Eve celebrations in Brazil are called Reveillons; events where tradition and partying go hand in hand on Rio’s iconic Copacabana Beach. Local culture dictates for everyone to wear white as a sign of peace and prosperity.

New Year’s 2020

Las Vegas Strip, Nevada, United States of America

Where else in the US can you extravagantly start off the New Year than in the City of Sin itself? The Strip, lined with its luxury hotels and shimmering casinos, is the obvious place to be as the countdown reaches a 20-minute onslaught of colourful explosions.

New Year’s 2020

Giza Pyramid Complexe, Egypt

Who could pass up the opportunity to bring in the New Year at The Great Pyramid : the oldest of the Ancient Wonders and the only one still in existence! The Sound and Light shows are presented at the renowned Pyramids of Giza, using state-of-the art lighting and laser shows to visualize and bring to life the mysteries of the Pharaonic civilization.

New Year’s 2020

So where will you go next year?

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