Is it time to Panic? Or is it “just” another pandemic?

Since the end of December 2019, the entire world has been living to the rythm of a constant threat potentially mortal for some, dangerous for others and economically disastrous for all. Every day I wake up and ask myself: when will this end? With the progress that Man has made, why haven’t we been able to eradicate this sickness? Is this our first time? Have we never been through this before and don’t know how to contain it? 

Over the years, the world’s population has been ravaged by waves of different pandemics. Each time, a feeling of dismay and doom overcomes the population as we try to understand, limit the casualties and implement the solutions. Sneezing, coughing, sore throat, confinement, communal graves, masks… none of this is new actually. It has existed before… and will continue to exist I am afraid. 

So what is the lesson? In the face of death and sickness we all fall. But on the bright side, if we got through it all, time and time again, we can get through this too. Keep faith!

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