A priceless treasure

In this back-to-school week, I felt it was necessary to remember the incredible opportunity we have to benefit from a free and developed education system. Of course, there will always be room for improvement, but that can’t help but be grateful for what we already have.

Through this slide on “The Way to School” we will discover the children who cross and climb the mountains… Every day… to be able to benefit from an education.

YouTube Channel World’s TopMost
  • Indonesia: Children cross a river with a rope suspended 9 meters
  • India: it is the roots of a tree that allow children to cross the river
  • Philippines: Children use a swollen tire to make the crossing
  • India: it is a horse-drawn cart that acts as a school bus
  • China: you have to climb precariously attached ladders to cross the cliffs
  • Sri Lanka: a way to cross the Fort of Galle
  • Indonesia: it is a makeshift raft that allows to cross the Ciherang River
  • Crossing the Himalayas
  • Nepal: string bridges
  • Indonesia: Bridge falls into disrepair but students have no choice
  • Colombia: 800 meters of zip line to 400 meters to cross the Rio Negro River

Although there is still poverty and inequality in education; countries, different cultures, still agree on the importance of getting an education. Thus the struggle for better access to education for all must continue for every child and for the future of the world simply. Because…

Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world

Nelson Mandela

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