SERIES Why do we wear earrings? (4/4)

Sometimes a fashion accessory, sometimes a cultural or religious rite, the earring has transcended the centuries to establish itself as an essential fashion accessory. The reasons may vary from one continent to another, from one ethnic group to another. Let’s decipher together some of the meanings of wearing this jewel.

The therapeutic virtues

Studies by doctors show that the center of the lobe, the part of the ear most frequently pierced, is directly related to sight. Another reason that would explain the wearing of earrings by sailors because piercing their ears would allow them to see better, especially at night.

According to the principles of acupuncture, ear piercing would ensure good brain development. The sooner the better. The earlobes are said to have the meridian point that connects the right hemisphere with the left hemisphere of the brain. And so the piercing of this point allows to activate these parts of the brain.

Among the benefits of ear piercing is also the beneficial effect on the female and male reproductive system. In the case of women, it would maintain the regularity of the menstrual cycle. And for men, it helps in the proper production of sperm. Thus, it is mandatory in some communities.

It is also believed that ear piercing helps in the prevention of certain diseases such as hysteria or conditions such as nervousness, anxiety in addition to keeping the digestive system in order. Thus, experts have developed healing therapies based on acupressure which consists in maintaining pressure on this part of the body. A therapy that would reduce the painful energy present in this part of the body.

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