VIDEO Jewelry wears Madras

Madras is originally from India and yet the tartan design reminds us more of Scotland … no? Let’s go back in time to understand what links these two worlds.

This fabric, which originally did not use stripes or checkered patterns at all, was mainly used to make headdresses. Then floral and religious motifs began to be used from the 17th century by means of the stamping technique. And so it becomes the fabric used for making traditional outfits in the region until the 19th century.

During the XVIIII century the region was occupied by the Scots. It seems that the weavers were simply inspired by the many tartans that the proud Scots wore in order to make designs more to their taste with the bright colors of India! And so today’s Madras as we know it, is born!

Associated with the period of colonization, this traditional fabric could have fallen into oblivion but will be revived thanks to various creators who will adapt it to today’s lifestyle. However, its use, like the wax cloth, has only the limits of the imagination. Inspired, I’ll use it to make a charm doll necklace.

Credit: Madras bracelet by Love Madinina – Madras hair bar by L‘oiseau Cousu

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