Wax is more than a fabric

When you hear the word “wax” what exactly does it mean to
you? I bet you are thinking of the colorful patterned fabric worn mostly by Africans.

But whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

I like to believe that ‘wax’ is so much more than just cotton fabric.

Beyond the manufacturing process, wax is first and foremost a story. Do you know that the designs of this African cloth have distinct and very specific meanings? My favorite is “The Disk”. Indeed, I always say to my children “You reap what you sow …” It’s normal, isn’t it? And what is your favorite design?

Photos of LAGRACEWAX on Etsy.

So, we agree that what characterizes wax is its mix of vivid colors and its assembly of patterns. Thus, it is indeed a very specific type of design, a culture, a state of mind and so much more than just a fabric to wear in summer … By freeing wax from its reputation as a fabric for Africans, it will finally be able to fully occupy its place in lifestyle trends, along with other known patterns such as Paisley, Stripes or Toile de Jouy.

A cup, an umbrella, a schoolbag, socks … Whatever the item, the wax is there to sublimate it as desired … The only limit will then be your imagination! Or… your tastes ;-)!

Photos from left to right: Wallpaper from the Etsy store LE GRAND CIRQUE, Phone cases from the Etsy store AFROOPRINTS and socks with African patterns from L’ATELIER AUTHENTIK

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