A corner of paradise at home

I cannot imagine a “home” without space to relax. A kind of paradise on earth that allows me to escape the worries of everyday life.

When I imagine my dream house, one of the visions that inspires me is the riad. My last trip to Morocco confirms that I love the very design of these buildings. Especially the richly decorated patio which brings a certain tranquility like a temporal representation of paradise.

But why do riads fascinate us so much?

Often located in the ramparts of the old medinas of imperial cities like Morocco, riads are traditional Moroccan houses. We should not be fooled by the exterior walls which do not look very impressive but often hide real gems to our surprise. Vestiges of several civilizations and dynasties, the charm of these architectural works undoubtedly resides in the fact that they represent the paradise according to the Muslims thus being inspired by Eden quoted in the Koran. Great! That’s exactly what I needed. Which is just as well as the word “riad روض means garden in Arabic.

Paradise according to the Koran Source: http://islammedia.free.fr/

Now I understand better what attracts me to riads. So, I am sharing with you my makeover of my verandah to create this little piece of paradise here at home using the HomeByMe application from Maisons du Monde.

1, 2, 3… Abracadabra!


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The flamboyant green of the garden which is often cut in four to represent the four rivers of Paradise. The refreshing water of the fountains that calls the sound of soothing running water to the imagination. A clever mix of materials … copper and wood … This is how the Koran represents Paradise … and me too!  

All I have to do now is save 2000 € to be able to carry out this project!

What do you think? Do you have any suggestions?

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